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if you deny this ;

then it's your fault.

jess st. jess
18 December 1988
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i wanna say i do.
raúl esparza. neil patrick harris. brian molko. amanda palmer. shirley manson. david bowie. stephen sondheim. patti lupone. mary-louise parker. arthur pendragon. rent. taboo. cabaret. company. sweeney todd. passing strange. the rocky horror picture show. hedwig and the angry inch. reefer madness. velvet goldmine. the wall. across the universe. angels in america. weeds. merlin. harry potter.

hang onto your iq.
i post a lot of random insanity in my journal which includes, but is not limited to: lyrics, whining about my personal life, icons, pictures, videos, songs, pretentious philosophical babble, political rants detailing my plot(s) to bring down the man and other assorted nonsense. i enjoy questionably legal activities. if you have any qualms about reading about these exploits, please do not proceed. i enjoy altering my appearance. i have three tattoos (and counting), not enough piercings and i change my hair almost as often as i change my underwear. some say 'freak', i say 'chameleon'. however, my chosen career (acting) does not allow me the freedom i'd like to have to change my appearance, so i often post pictures of myself wearing crazy makeup. you have been warned. i love new friends and i'm a blast. for serious.

one of a kind.
jess. aged twenty-one. lesbian. agnostic. sagittarius to the bone. actor. singer. occasional dancer. musical theatre junkie. pretty. witty. a right bitch.

[title of show], accents, across the universe, acting, aids awareness, amanda palmer, amber sweet, androgyny, angels in america, ani difranco, art, arthur pendragon, arthur/merlin, arthurian legend, assassins, barack obama, bat boy, being an executive transvestite, blind mag, boondock saints, broadway, cabaret, camp, captain hammer, chess, cleavage, company, connie and carla, daphne rubin-vega, david bowie, dr. horrible, dr. horrible's sing-along blog, drag queens, east village, eddie izzard, fight club, firefly, fishnets, flamboyance, freaks, french, friends, gay rights, glitter, graverobber, greek mythology, gypsy, hair, hair dye, hairspray, halloween, harry potter, hedwig, hippies, homosexuality, icon making, icons, in the heights, into the woods, james potter, jay and silent bob, jesus christ superstar, jonathan larson, karaoke, kevin smith, laughing, les miserables, les miz, lipstick, mac, makeup, marauders, margaret cho, mary-louise parker, merlin, merlin bbc, mimi marquez, minor characters, movies, music, musical theatre, musicals, mwpp, mythology, neil patrick harris, new york, new york city, newsies, not twilight, nyc, ochsa, off-broadway, oscar wilde, party monster, passing strange, patti lupone, people-watching, performing, performing arts, philip sallon, piercings, placebo, procrastination, queen, queer as folk, rahm emanuel, rainbows, raul esparza, raúl esparza, reefer madness, rent, repo the genetic opera, road to el dorado, rocky horror, rocky horror picture show, roger davis, rp, sarcasm, sephora, shakespeare, shit that is funny, shoes, showtunes, singing, slash, sondheim, steampunk, stephen colbert, stephen sondheim, susan blackwell, sweeney todd, taboo, tattoos, the last 5 years, the rocky horror show, the wild party, theater, theatre, tick tick... boom!, tommy, true blood, velvet goldmine, weeds, witticisms, your face, your mom, zanna don't, zydrate