jess st. jess (court_jesster) wrote,
jess st. jess

fanmix - queen takes jack: a fuck prop. 8 mix.

Medium: general.
Title: queen takes jack: a f*ck prop. 8 mix.
Notes: i decided to take all of the pain and rage that i felt about the passing of proposition 8 which, in case you live under a rock, was to put a constitutional ban on gay marriage, and attempt to channel it into a positive, creative outlet. i saw such mixed emotions and reactions in the lgbt community and from our supporters and because music is my religion, i tried to compile a mix that accurately reflected some of the things i've been seeing and feeling regarding this nonsense.

Photobucket Photobucket
you got me this time, but i'll get you back.Collapse )
xx - tt
Tags: civil rights, faggotry, fanmix, pride, prop. 8
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Not taking the mix (though it's good, I already have most of the tracks. But commenting to say FUCK PROP 8. Equality for all.
Thanks for stopping by to show support. <3
Taking this. Thanks. =)

Deleted comment

I hope so. That's exactly why I made it, so I hope it's helpful. <3
Thanks for speaking out against it. This is a great mix.
Thank you. I consider it my job to speak out against heinous injustice and ignorance. Especially when it's directed at me and mine. <3
Downloading! I haven't heard it yet, but from what I've seen, it looks pretty awesome!

Thank you!
I fucking LOVE you for this <3
Such a cool idea! I love it.
♥ icon love!


11 years ago

snagging even though I have a few of the songs already.
This is fucking beautiful. Thank you so much for making this.
Thank you! <3

FUCK! I'm so excited!! Thank you!

I've been so mad about this RIDICULOUS proposition passing (since it happend), I can't believe I never thought to make a fanmix. I'm glad you did!

I ♥ you!! xoxo =]
Hiii, it's thedramagirl on my new unhackedbycrazymother journal. Care to stay friends? :D
I'm so glad to see you, darling! I was really worried when I saw that entry. I know how much fun that sort of thing is; blahblahblah minor blahblah.
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