jess st. jess (court_jesster) wrote,
jess st. jess

fanmix - queen takes jack: a fuck prop. 8 mix.

Medium: general.
Title: queen takes jack: a f*ck prop. 8 mix.
Notes: i decided to take all of the pain and rage that i felt about the passing of proposition 8 which, in case you live under a rock, was to put a constitutional ban on gay marriage, and attempt to channel it into a positive, creative outlet. i saw such mixed emotions and reactions in the lgbt community and from our supporters and because music is my religion, i tried to compile a mix that accurately reflected some of the things i've been seeing and feeling regarding this nonsense.

Photobucket Photobucket
you got me this time, but i'll get you back.Collapse )
xx - tt
Tags: civil rights, faggotry, fanmix, pride, prop. 8
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Deleted comment

Thank you. Enjoy. ;D
This wins. Taking. Thank you.
This is fucking awesome. And the song choices are brilliant.

Downloading this fanmix. ♥
This is an incredible mix!
Thank you for making this!

I already have these songs but I am still taking this shit to hard, THANK YOU.

You're welcome. I am so glad you dig it. <3

That's a beautiful mix. I'm particularly fond of Changes by Bowie in this mix as well as the choices of the Scissor Sisters and Ani Difranco.

I'm taking it.
Thank you. I'm glad you like it. <3
Tihs is incredibly amazing! I love it!
I have all these songs already but this is a sweet mix. Awesome!
OMG YES. THANK YOU. I was so unbelievably furious when Prop 8 passed. I've never been so ashamed of my state. *glares at Yes on 8 asses*

So yes, totally downloading now.
Oh, I know, honey. I know.

Enjoy. <3


11 years ago


11 years ago


11 years ago


11 years ago

I too was dismayed with the voters of this Country for all the anti-gay legislation that got passed back in November. I know I had to RESPECTFULLY request of of my friends' dad's to leave the polling place I was working at, for his VERY vocal support of eight. He got embarrassed when someone a few months younger than his youngest (of five daughters) did that.

But thank you for compiling this mix and uploading it for sharing.
Tell me about it. I was really surprised to find so many of my friends, straight people who I have like.. hung out with on numerous occasions and who I considered to be of reasonable and sound mind voted yes on eight. I was heartbroken.

Hope you enjoy it. (:
OMG, thank you for this. Excellent covers, excellent reasoning, excellent music selection. ^_^
Thank you! :D Enjoy it, my friend.
Holy shit, this mix is amazing. I have most of the songs, but I'm dling it for the ones I don't. :D
Thank you. I'm so glad you dig. :D
You know... I naively thought Prop 8 would never pass so didn't worry about it all that much.

I feel so stupid now. Guess it shows my opinion of the world's too high.

Snagging. Looks brilliant.
Me too, actually. I'm a theatre kid, so like.. the idea that there are THAT many people in California where I was born and raised, that would support such heinously discriminatory legislation really didn't occur to me.

Enjoy it. <3
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